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Clinic Gallery

Messy Room

Room highlights: sensory bins, sensory mats, orbeez, art and craft supplies

Art activities facilitate enhanced communication through creative expression. Utilizing art supplies strengthens gross and fine motor control. Arts and crafts promote the use of imagination and great abstract thinking. They also help to build stronger relationships while encouraging children to see other peoples expressions.

Fine Motor Room

Room highlights: lego wall, lego table, magnetic wall, fine motor wall, wooden blocks

Fine motor skills involve movements in areas such as the hands, fingers, thumbs, lips, tongue and eyes. Fine motor development allows children to independently complete activities daily. Fine motor development is vital to feeding oneself, drawing/coloring, writing and picking up objects. This builds self continence, personal growth, and opens up a gateway to independent success. 

Light Sensory Room

Room highlights: light features that are touch/ sound activated, illuminating toys, calm sounds and a soft crash pad

Sensory rooms create wonderful spaces to recognize stimulation in the environment, helping children learn to both react and to interact with their environment. sensory rooms create safe, calming spaces to deescalate and to de-stress. Sensory room help to improve focus and attending, as well as development of visual processing.

Peer Room

Room highlights: wii console, board games and nugget couch 

This interactive, communal space can accommodate multiple clients at a time, perfect for socialization and peer interaction. Our peer room contains multiple shapes and sizes of seating, a variety of two-person and multiplier board games, electronic gaming system and television.  Peer-based activities can be used to strengthen communication skills, interpersonal skills and play skills. Interacting with peers helps to develop both receptive and expressive language. Multiplayer games help  clients understand waiting, turn-taking, following instructions and sportsmanship. Social interactions help build and understanding of friendship, socializing and sharing space with multiple people.

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